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25th, 26th, 27th


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The 2024 GSRC conference will be held in-person and virtually.

The GSRC is a multi-disciplinary academic research forum that brings together graduate students and alumni, staff, and faculty from all disciplines at AU. In addition to facilitating research links between graduate students and alumni, the GSRC offers the opportunity to showcase student research, and to develop and gain research presentation experience in a supportive peer environment. It is the ideal setting for thesis students to test themselves and prepare for their public thesis defense and high-profile national and international research conferences.

This year’s conference theme, “Research with Impact”, calls for research that not only advances knowledge in academia, but also transforms the world into a better place to live. It challenges graduate students to conduct groundbreaking research and communicate their solutions through various channels and modalities, while engaging and mobilizing all relevant stakeholders to contribute towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Conference speakers and sessions will focus on the concept of “expanding your research toolkit.” Impactful research can always be expanded upon. No matter what stage or field a researcher is in, anyone can expand their toolkit in different ways— whether it be through mobilization, dissemination, multimedia, funding, or consultation.

This year’s hybrid conference theme, “Research with Impact” seeks to provide ways to enable researchers and presenters to expand their research toolkit beyond what they thought possible.

This conference is attended by Athabasca University students, faculty and staff. 

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